Sooooo.....What's An O-Ring?

Each creation is a unique design, so the possibilities are endless.  

If you see something that you like but would like a different color or size just send me a message and I will make you something just as unique as you are!

Certainly not a silly question, before I became a diver I never gave them a second thought!  


An O-Ring is a simple rubber ring that is used to seal equipment where two pieces come together to make it waterproof.  You may have seen them in things like waterproof boxes, flashlights, cameras, or even in your watch.  To put it very simply, in SCUBA diving they are used to keep the water out and the air in.



These O-Rings need to be replaced to ensure a safe dive experience.  Where do the old rings go?  Most likely right into the bin!  Instead of sending them to the dump I am using them in my designs to create unique jewelry that is lightweight

and funky.

   I can even make you a

personal bauble using

your own O-Rings.
Send me a message for more information.

Before - Dirty, smelly, greasy O-Rings and parts

After - Wearable Art!

**The O-Rings in my designs are NOT TO BE USED in SCUBA equipment again.
They are RECYCLED and are no longer viable for use in that manner**